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It is Our Job to Help You

About Octad

Why choose our services

Octad are the kind of agency that will do more than simply ‘find and fill’. At Octad, we develop strong working relationships to place the right candidates in the right roles. This means actually getting to know you, your needs and your goals regardless of whether you are a client or a candidate. It means communicating honestly, openly and regularly. And most importantly, it means treating you with the respect you deserve.

Our process

Our values represent the qualities we strive to embody on a daily basis. They provide the framework for the way we conduct ourselves and ensure that each and every client and candidate experiences nothing less than the very best the Octad team has to offer.

We believe perfectly matching candidates and clients on the basis of cultural compatibility (and not simply candidate competency) is the true measure of a successful placement. This is true for the hires we make for our clients as well as our internal recruitment efforts. As such, we seek to grow our business organically by hiring only those individuals that embody our values and are intrinsically motivated to uphold our standard of service delivery. 

Our obligation

Peace of mind comes as standard for all our clients and candidates because we provide the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time at the RIGHT value. Above all, we’re committed to raising standards and highlighting excellence throughout the recruitment process.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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